Price List

Sports Therapy

Initial Assessment (45-60 minutes) – £45

Full Examination and Assessment, Including Treatment and Rehabilitation

Follow-Up Appointments (30-40 minutes) – £35

Re-assessment, Treatment, and Rehabilitation

Sports Massage

30 Minutes – £25

Recommended for small problematic areas, such as back, neck, shoulders, legs etc.

45 Minutes – £35

Recommended for combination areas such as back and legs.


30 Minutes – £25

Recommended for local areas such as back or arm.

45 Minutes – £35

Recommended for combination areas such as shoulder, knee and ankle.

Mobile Athlete Injury Clinic

Single Appointment – £30

Minimum 5 appointments per Mobile Athlete Injury Clinic. Recommended predominantly for gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers to receive assessment, treatment and rehabilitation within their gym or studio during or around training times.

Inclusive Booking – £200

Recommended for gyms or studios with more than 5 athletes needing injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Ideal for gymnasts cheerleaders and dancers to fit in around their training and competitions. Prices may vary depending on location.

One-to-One Rehabilitation

30 Minutes – £35

60 Minutes – £50

Recommended if you are nearing the end of your recovery journey and are looking to improve strength, stamina and agility. Where we will focus on your specific needs and goals to get you back to your best.

Taping and Strapping

Small Area – £5

Recommended if you are looking to take care of a wrist or knee.

Large Area – £10

Recommended if you have problems across multiple joints, for example back and shoulder, or combinations such as wrist, neck and back.

Injury Prevention Screening

Price Dependant on Individual Requirements

Ideal for sporting individuals or groups, for example dance schools, runners, tennis clubs, football teams etc. This will include a full screening session which looks for predisposing factors for common injuries within your day to day life or sport. From these results, you will then receive an individual (pre)rehabilitation programme tailored to reduce your risk of injury.