Mobile Athlete Injury Clinic

Traveling to your Gyms or Studios to provide Sports Injury Assessment, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention.


Predominantly for gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers. Monika has had experience both working and participating in these sports, therefore understands the demands of each sport and what is required of the athletes.

Sports Therapy for Athletes

• Injury Assessment & Treatment

• Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

• Sports Taping & Strapping

• Sports Massage

• Acupuncture

Athletes are welcome to book appointments at the Simple Sports Therapy clinic although a mobile service is available to most gyms and studios. There is a minimum of 5 appointments needed to book The Mobile Athlete Injury Clinic. Alternatively, you can pay an inclusive fee of £200* if you have any more athletes requiring appointments.

Appointments are priced at £30 each (unless booking the inclusive £200* clinic) and cover what ever the athlete requires. This is a set fee to make things cheaper and easier for the majority – and may include any or all of the treatments or appointments listed above.

You are all athletes. You must look after your bodies to keep them at their best to train and compete. I can’t wait to work with you all!

Contact for any queries or more information.


*Prices may vary dependant on location