3 Tips to Reduce Tension Headaches

First of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Now we have all started back at work for 2017, some of you may be feeling a little stressed, which can lead to all sorts of things; one of those being headaches. So here are some simple tips to keep tension headaches at bay!

1. Neck Positioning

6a00d8341bf6d653ef016766063ee1970b-piRoll up a small towel and place it behind your neck when you go to sleep/nap etc. A large amount of tension headaches are brought on by poor neck positioning. This is because your neck, back and shoulder muscles end up overcompensating for the abnormal stresses placed on your neck due to this positioning. 



edited-massage-spot2. Self Massage

The muscles in our face, neck and jaw can become tight, especially
when we are under stress; in turn this can lead to tension headaches. Try using your fingers to rub your jaw (tempero-mandibular joint) in small circular motions. You can move up towards your temples and around the side of your face; wherever feels tense – simple!

3. Prepare

There are a few simple things you can do to reduce your risk of headaches, or do if you feel a headache coming along;

  • Keep hydrated! A lot of headaches come from dehydration.
  • Take breaks from screens! Technology surrounds us, but can pt  lot of strain on our eyes if we stare too long. Try taking short and regular breaks.
  • If your eyes are feeling particularly under strained or tired, try focusing o something in the distance, or closing your eyes.

Hope these tips are helpful! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or leave comments and feedback! As always – keep it simple.

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