Don’t Let Christmas Be A Pain In The Back!

Christmas is just around the corner (I think it’s come around quicker than ever)! So you are either all organised and ready, or have a little (or a lot) left to do! Though chances are that you will still be making a few more shopping trips before the big day.

Shopping is great, but if your anything like me – you get tired half way through, and have all sorts of aches in your shoulders, neck and back from carrying bags and being on your feet for hours. The same goes for internet shopping; I doubt you are sat with ‘perfect’ posture while you’re trawling through the internet for the perfect gift. So here are some simple tips to keep the aches at bay, and hopefully make it all more enjoyable for you!

1. Switch it up!

Swap shoulders when carrying heavy bags, and girls; try not to bring awkward handbags that you can’t fit onto your shoulder – it just makes things more difficult!

Swap with people you’re shopping with; especially if you’ve got an awkward object – why not share the load?

Bring a backpack (or large handbag) now shops are charging 5p; why not save your pennies AND your back?

Plan your shop. Leave heavy/awkward to carry items until the end of your shopping trip and make the day easier for yourself!

2. Stretch it out!

When carrying lots of bags, we tend to become quite rigid in the way that we move. So every 30 minutes, or every new shop that you go into – pop your bags down and give your neck a bit of a wiggle – stretch it any way you can or want to. The same goes for your back and shoulders! I know you don’t want to be making a spectacle of it but just allowing a bit of free movement and stretching can go a long way!

**Simple Tip** If you tend to get a lot of lower back pain when stood for long periods of time, it can be because your lower back is quite arched (lordotic). So try tilting your pelvis forward (tucking your bum in) a little bit – this may offload some of the pressure you feel in your lower back.

3. Have a Break (and a Kit-Kat if you fancy)

Yes, you’re allowed to sit down and have a break! I know lots of people will be wanting to get it all done ASAP, but taking a coffee break and enjoying some festive snacks can’t hurt. It’ll give you a nice little energy boost, and get you ready to grab the rest of your Christmas gifts!

The same goes for internet shopping! I know I can spend hours sat on my laptop, and looking for gifts can sometimes become a bit of a chore. So take breaks, go for a walk, grab a cuppa etc.

These tips obviously apply to other shopping trips too – so I hope you find them helpful! Thank you for reading, and as always – keep it simple.




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