Remember Remember (Your Neck!) On The 5th of November

Just a quick post!

Halloween has been and gone, next up; bonfire night! Who doesn’t love staring at fireworks while all wrapped up with sparklers and a hot chocolate?

It may vary depending on whether you’re at home with a few fireworks, or watching a grand 30 minute display… but all that staring up into the sky can turn into joint and muscle irritation in your neck – especially if you have little ones on your shoulders! Try passing the children around and share the load this weekend to avoid any unwanted neck, shoulder or back pain.

Having said that, you might not be able to avoid this – nor would you want to miss the pretty displays! So if you’re prone to neck pain, or happen to wake up a little sore the next day, try these simple tips to help:

Neck and Shoulder Rolls

The clue is in the title really. If you wake up with a stiff or sore neck, most people will try and move it as little as possible to prevent the pain. DON’T DO THAT! Instead, try some slow shoulder and neck rolls from side to side, forward and backwards through as many ranges of movement as you can. This should loosen up the muscles and joints in your neck, and hopefully reduce any pain or stiffness you may have. Keep your neck moving throughout the day as normally as you can.

Self Massage thumbnail_img_0801

Again, clue is in the title – literally massage the sore areas yourself. You can use moisturiser, baby oil, or nothing at all. Just work through any areas that are particularly sore; use your hands or grab a tennis/golf ball. This will work well in combination with neck and shoulder rolls, and really focus on relieving any tension you are holding in your muscles.

Keep Warm 

As it’s November (already?!), its starting to get quite chilly! So avoid hunching up and rounding your shoulders when its cold by wrapping up nice and warm. This will allow you to relax and keep a good neutral posture, and hopefully let your neck and shoulders relax! Cold can also stiffen up your muscles, so grab a scarf and coat before you go out.

For more tips or advice, feel free to comment or drop me an email; I,malways happy to help.

Thank’s for reading! Enjoy a fun and hopefully pain free bonfire weekend! And as always – keep it simple.



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