Simple Sports Therapy does what it says on the tin.

Bringing you simple ways of looking after injuries and niggles, and helping you reduce risk of injury.

I’ve struggled with lower back pain for years and have very limited mobility, however after just one 30-minute acupuncture session targeting my problem area, I was able to move so much more freely without waiting for the pain to come! Monika made me feel so at ease and it was such a calm and reassuring first experience for a needle-phobe like me! She also works wonders with relieving those tight, tender muscles after a horrible leg-day. I would never go to anyone other than her to get me feeling strong again  – R.White 

‘reassuring first experience for a needle-phobe like me!’

I struggle with bad knee & hip joints and a naggy left shoulder. Monika has helped me in so many ways to relieve strain on my joints by making my muscles stronger and more flexible through exercises. Being a dancer, I really need to keep my body on top form at all times & with Monika’s help I have managed to get myself sorted and stable through any injury thrown my way. Not only does Monika give you professional advice but she also shows a true interest and concern into how your progress is going. Highly recommend, fantastic treatment and very professional. – A.Alland



‘Highly recommended, fantastic treatment and very professional’